What Exercise Burns Belly Fat The Fastest?

When you spend 1 hour a day at the gym and your time is valuable because of parental obligations or work, every exercises count. Even more so when it comes to abs and mid section. Nobody want’s to waste time on exercises that don’t burn fat in the most optimal way. Many of you probably wonder what exercise burns belly fat the most.

Before we go a little deeper in what exercise burns belly fat the quickest, remember that diet is the key. And it’s only in understanding this core principle that you’ll achieve fast burning belly fat. As they say “You get your abs in the kitchen”. No matter how many crunches you’ll do a day. If your diet is not adapted you’ll most likely fail. You can’t out train a poor diet. Remember that. You can read one of our article on the best diet for abs in order to get an idea on how to adapt your eating habits and how it will impact your weight loss.

Best Belly Fat Burning Exercises

We have listed below our top 3 pick of exercise that burn belly fat the fastest.

 1) Kneeling Cable Crunch (Core)

By far our favorite when it comes to 1 exercise for the whole mid section. With the right diet I have seen athlete achieving totally ripped abs with this exercise only. By training your abs with weight you’ll make them pop with this killer core and abs move.



Kneel below high pulley. Grasp cable rope attachment with both hands. Place wrists against head. Position hips back and flex hips allowing resistance on cable pulley to lift torso upward so spine is hyperextended.


With hips stationary, flex waist so elbows travel toward middle of thighs. Return and repeat.

2) Stability Ball Pike Ups

Pike ups are an advanced abdominal exercise that targets the upper abs. This exercise requires a tremendous amount of core strength, balance and stability in order to be executed properly.


Start in a push-up position with your legs up on the stability ball. Make sure that your back is straight, your hips are tucked and your core is engaged.


Lift your hips upwards by contracting your upper abs. Raise your body up to a V or until your feet are in the middle of the stability ball.


Slowly lower your body back to the starting position and repeat.

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