Old School New Body Review – Does it Actually Work?

Old School New Body Review – Does it Actually Work?

Hi there everyone, my name is Angelina, and today I am sharing my opinions, thoughts and entire analysis on the famous Old School New Body program by Steve Holman and Becky Holman.

If you are willing to buy their program, make sure you read my Old School New Body review first to know whether it is worth your money.

Who are Steve and Becky ?

They have been married for 28 years and have two daughters, Chelsea, 21 and Lindsey, 17.

Steve started his weight training at the age of 15 as a skinny guy with only 119 pounds and has been training more than 35 years now.

While Becky is working out for 20 years but she, unfortunately, terminated in her 30s while raising her two daughters.

In her 40s she became fed up with her overweight appearance and made a drastic transformation only in few months (her story is a part of the book OLD SCHOOL NEW BODY).

How did I come to know about the ‘Old School New Bod’y program and how it helped me?

As being a 35 years old divorcee & a mother of two beautiful girls the schedule which I follow is not that easy.

For a single mother like me earning a bread is very important and I’ve been working hard day and night for the same.

Due to this I was unable to look after my health and physique.

I was gaining weight, and whenever I used to visit my parent’s home they always said, ‘you’re getting fat Angelina, maintain yourself.

Then, I took their advice seriously and started looking around for methods which could help me in losing weight regardless of my busy schedule.

There was a colleague of mine in the office who was in her 40s but she used to look like a girl in her twenties. I thought of getting some tips from her.

I asked her, about how she’s maintaining herself while being a full-time employee? Then, she told me about her secret which was OSNB.

She explained me everything about OSNB and convinced me to purchase it also.

Without wasting time, when I reached my Home, I grabbed my Laptop and headed over to Old School New Body’s Official Website and made purchase straight away.

After getting my hands on it, I was overwhelmed with the materials that I received. I stayed all night awake and kept on reading every method which was written in it.

Then, on the other day, I started following the program, I followed it with all my dedication, and within 24 days, I was able to observe some severe improvements.

I lose weight, My face started to look younger and my body was again toned.

What exactly is the Old School New Body?

Old School New Body is a fitness program catered to all ages and genders.

The program includes several eBooks (PDFs) and audio files.

The main manual consists of 101 pages which will teach you its main Focus-4 Exercise (F4X) system. This program is made to avoid any risk of training injuries, and it is very safe for people of all ages. As we start ageing, we begin to observe some changes in our body which urges in us the need to work hard to keep in shape.

So for this urge, the Old School New Body Program is the best.  The eBook goes deep down into the detailed history of how F4X as formulated as well as the core concepts.

It also has lots of motivational and nutritional information. The desire of the authors of inspiring and helping others without wanting anything is readily observable in writing.

For whom is it exactly for OR who will get the maximum benefit from Old School New Body?

In this modern era, everyone wants to look young and beautiful regardless of their age.

Old school new body is a unique program that will enable you to burn fat real quick and slow down the ageing process as well.

So anyone how is strongly dedicated, fed up of his or her looks and wants to give some time to their precious body can actively be a part of this program even if they are as young as 18 or not so young as 40.

UPDATE: Just found out you can get a discount for Steve and Becky’s Old School New body on this discount page here. Saves you $30!

What are the three different F4X workouts?

F4X stands for Focus-4 Exercises. These would be four essential exercises that are the most effective ones.

  1. Squats
  2. Incline presses
  3. Bent over rows
  4. Upright rows

The F4X training system includes 3 different workout plans that focus on fitness goals. Any of the workout plans chose by you takes 60 minutes to complete the minimal workout of 30 minutes.

The LEAN workout routine is done for 3 consecutive days a week, 30 minutes daily for 3 days which is equal to 90 minutes.

What are the 3 different F4X workouts?

The 3 different workouts are as follows:

  1. F4XLEAN

These can be used by both men and women

LEAN: This type of workout is made for the newbie’s, beginners or the people who haven’t been working out in the gym in a while.

It includes the 4 most effective exercises, and this workout gives excellent results.

It only has 4 activities so it can be done in about 30 minutes for 3 times in a week.

This can be taken into place when you are feeling lazy or when you are time bound.

SHAPE: This is for when you are not bounded with time and when you can give time to your precious body.

The workouts are done 3 times in a week and should not take more than an hour. This workout is very essential when you want faster results.

BUILD: The intensity of this workout is usually higher than the other 2.

For those who are willing to maximise their results and have been working out regularly since long, this is very essential. These type of workouts are still able to be completed in an hour, but it is done 4 times a week.

This workout also depends upon the energy level, so if you have a lot of energy, go for it.

“Do I have to be a member of a gym”?

Many of you would be wondering if you would need to join the gym for this.

The answer is ‘no, a gym membership is not necessary.’ Although you would require some dumbbells.

There is also an entire chapter which includes the using of dumbbells at home.

Old School New Body PROS

  • The workout plans are rapid and time-saving. 30 minutes for lean -45 minutes for SHAPE -60 minutes for BUILD.
  • You will get some reliable and good results from using just 4 exercises.
  • It can be performed by both men and women, young or not so young.
  • Doesn’t give pain to joints.
  • Nutritional plan in the book is very solid and should work for everyone.
  • Interviews and reports don’t add much value but they are free, so you must go for it too.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee. Although you won’t need it, it’s good to have 

Old School New Body CONS

  • There is a lack of clarity in the description of exercises, more photos or links should be added.
  • Interviews are extraneous.
  • Ultimate reports are helpful but don’t have tremendous value.
  • The information about the supplement if average.


Among several weight loss programs over there declaring to be the genuine solution, it’s difficult to understand what the appropriate option for you is when it comes to losing weight.

The great stuff to know about the Old School New Body system is that it comes with a two-month money back guarantee – which means that there is nothing to lose if you want to give it a try.

You can download the system, examine it out and then demand a refund if it’s not correct for you.

With no danger involved, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot. It just might be the excellent resolution to losing weight and feeling fitter and amusing than ever before.

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