MI40 Review – Would You Really Be Able To Gain Twice The Muscle in Half Time?

If you are willing to buy MI40 make sure you read my review first.

Hello people, I am Ethan and Today, I will share my thoughts, opinion and complete analysis about Ben Pakulski’s MI40 (Mass Intentions 40) program.

I know there are various MI40 Reviews available online but trust me, they all are trying to pitch you. I take pledge to provide you an extensive MI40 review.

I am in my 7th week of Ben Pakulski’s MI40 program and I believe this makes me eligible to write MI40 review.

To begin with, I am a guy with no intent to compete but to gain muscle size, strength, look and feel better without any gear (steroids).

I am one of those hard gainers, who tried several muscle building programs while sticking to them for like 3 months but saw no or minimal results.

I felt like, there something terribly wrong with my genetics and was recommended to get on juice (steroids) by many of fellow gym goers with monstrous physique.

However, I had it very clear in my mind, no matter what; I won’t take any anabolic drugs.

About Ben Pakulski and Why You Should Follow His Program?

Review Mi40 Ben PakulskiBen is a huge guy and is an IFFB pro, with a massive body he has, he also has earned a degree in Kinesiology (study of body moments of humans and non humans) from the University of Western Ontario.

If you have been a fitness enthusiast and been reading about elite body builders, you must have read about Ben some fitness magazine.

Being featured in several popular magazines and some YouTube videos, Ben has his fair share of popularity.

Ben Pakulski Mi40 Author Achievements

One of the reasons behind his growing reputation is his knowledge about nutrition, overall fitness and gaining muscle.

My story and how I came to know about MI40 Program ?

As mentioned before, I was a hardgainer and I followed muscle building programs of major fitness YouTubers rigorously but got almost no result.

It seemed like I hit a tableland without packing a decent amount of muscle mass.

Nonetheless, I kept switching from one program to another after every 3 or 4 months while having a healthy diet and supplementing myself with whey, creatine, glutamine, pre exercises and BCAAS without a result.

I was always trying to push myself harder in the gym and after about a year of training, I was trying to progressively overload and overestimated my strength, I went on to Bench press for double the weight of my regular exercise which led inappropriate form and a hairline fracture in my wrist.

I felt immense pain and decided to quit training, I also felt like all the Natty Gains thing all over the internet is just a hoax and body building can’t be done without anabolic drugs. Nevertheless, I went to see my Ortho for the cracked wrist and while I was waiting for my turn, I started reading a fitness magazine called Muscle Mag.

It had Ben and his MI40 program featured, after the first look at it, I felt like it is same as all others and there is no such thing as natural gains, but because I was free I kept on reading further and realized that this guy was talking about something different than others.

My turn came and I was unable to read the whole article so upon my reaching home after the doctor’s consultation, I browsed the internet and read more about Ben’s program and decided to buy it (my first ever investment on online coaching) and ultimately, it was worth my $77.

It had some unique ways of working out and diet which I had never heard in past.

After my recovery (took about 6 weeks) I hit the gym to give it a last shot while following MI40 and this actually worked.

MI40 was an ultimate answer to my hard gain problem.

On my first day of gym after the injury, I told my gym floor coach (a common instructor for all members of gym) about MI40 and he blatantly mocked me and said, “I would have been your personal trainer in that amount and got you results”.

He was a strong advocate of bro science and I was in no mood to take any risks after getting my wrist cracked.

UPDATE: Just found out you can get a discount for Ben Pakulski’s MI40 on this discount page here. Saves you $50.00!

What actually is MI40 program?

What Exactly is MI40 Program?

What’s inside the MI40 program?

  • 40 Days Mass Intelligence PF Manual: In this manual, Ben has given a clear insight of his whole programs. It’s more like an index page where some scientific facts about muscle building and helping factors are shared. I would suggest you to read this before starting the course
  • 40 Days MASS Pursuit Calendar: It is 6 week calendar where you track you progress on daily basis. You must have a diary or calendar.
  • 40 Days MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual: This where you find the crucial 3 phase nutrition manual (diet guide for muscle building). This 53 page manual can make huge difference in your diet and muscle growth. It is actually an elite level diet plan, take my word for it.
  • 40 Days Mass Proportion Exercise Execution Guide: This will guide ensure that you perform every exercise with a proper form and taking the benefit of full range of motion. It has pictures of Ben performing all important exercises with a proper description. It has 52 informative pages (I wish I had it before cracking my wrist).
  • 40 Days Mass Instruction Workout Videos: Here we get 7 hours of proper coaching by Ben in videos. It is more like Ben being your personal trainer (far better than many gym coaches who promote solely bro science), you can transfer these videos in your phone and watch them in the gym if you have confusions.
  • You Get A 40 Days Mass Supplement Stack Protocol: Rather than spending money on expensive supplements to experiment what works best for you, why not buying and supplementing your body with the right thing. In the pdf Ben shares all vital information you need for supplement intake. In this 19 page pdf Ben guides you all about when and what to take for best of the results.
  • Size Secrets Audio Interrogation: Enhance your knowledge by listening to Ben’s knowledge which only comes with experience. Ben shares some of the secrets, dos, don’ts and several secrets about muscle gain and fitness. It helps you create a mind muscle connection too.
  • 40 Days Mass Prescription Printable Workout Sheets: In order to keep a track of your daily sets and reps, you need to write it down and check you progressive overload going in right direction, these printable sheets help you do so in an old school, trusted and tested style.

Video MI40 Reviewed


Conclusion – Does MI40 Worth Your Money?

Ben’s program has worked for me very well and I believe it was worth buying it and it would be not wrong to say that Ben Pakulski Mi40 – Does ACTUALLY works. 

Undeniably, it is a full value for money and it has it all one needs to know about body building and fitness.

This course serves the purpose of personal gym trainer, dietitian, motivator and conditioner.

It is an ultimate guide for muscle gain especially for hard gainers as it tells you a lot you may have never heard of before.

Not only one gains muscle, it enables you to use your body as a unit; with the muscle gain you keep your flexibility and overall health.

Is there any discount on MI40?

Yes, there is a limited period of discount on this life changing course. Here is the link you can use and save some money on this life changing course https://www.getdiscount.us/ben-pakulskis-mi40-discount/

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