3 Fat Burning Foods That Are Healthy and Delicious

3 Fat Burning Foods That Are Healthy and Delicious

People who are accustomed to eating foods that are high in fat and sugar are usually surprised to learn that there are tasty foods that are also good for you. There are so many foods that provide the same satisfying taste while being healthy.

Here are a few truly delicious foods that are actually healthy, and burn fat too.


In fact, if you want to burn fat and lose weight, eggs are vital in your diet.
  • Add some whole wheat toast and a little fresh fruit, and you’ve got yourself a healthy, delicious, and fat burning breakfast.
  • Forget the high cholesterol scare of a few years ago too. It’s simply not true.
  • Eggs are delicious.
  • They’re rich in protein and many fat burning nutrients
  • They’re high in Vitamin B12 which helps regulate and increase your metabolism.
  • You can cook an egg in so many ways that you’ll never get bored.

White Meat


If you are a meat eater, you might want to consider giving up red meat and opt in for some white meat instead. Red meat is very high in saturated fats (the fat that do serious damage to our arteries).  Besides clogging our arteries, there was a recent study that showed people who ate red meat even got throat cancer more often than those who eat white meat.  How about some chicken or fish tonight?

Steel Cut Oats

Not into oatmeal? It does get a bad rap, but it’s no wonder. Instant or quick oats that are available are lackluster at best, lacking flavor and texture. But have you tried steel cut oats?  They

  • have a delightful almost nutty flavor
  • It’s high in fiber and will help you maintain an even energy level for hours.
  • Eliminates mid morning cravings!
  • Eat a bowl of steel cut oats like a sundae. Top it with fresh fruit, nuts and a touch of honey and you have a real breakfast treat.


Most of us know that the combination of beans and rice provide a complete protein. And that there are so many different types of beans you could spend a month eating them and never eat the same meal twice. But beans:

are also a super source of fiber.
help keep your blood sugar levels balanced
keep your digestive system flowing.
There are bean recipes for every culture around the world. This means you can enjoy just about any flavor you prefer.

  • If you love Asian food then look for edamame  (NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION), soybeans and black beans.
  • Latin cultures enjoy black beans and pinto beans.
  • If you’re from the south then look for black eyed pea recipes like Hoppin John.
  • And if you love soups and stews then look no further than lentil or navy bean soup.

There really are so many healthy foods that support fat burning and weight loss.Make a commitment to try at least one new food each week. You’ll learn more about food, making your dieting and weight loss experience more interesting and satisfying. And you’ll find some really delicious treats along the way.

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