Burn Body Fat and Keep Weight Off Forever

First off I want to tell you there is no secret to burn body fat. No magic bullet, it does take work. This article will provide you with a primer for what you should know to burn fat and keep it off for life.

How to Burn Body Fat

It takes a mixture of two key ingredients to burn body fat.

  • Education
  • Action

These two points have everything and nothing to do with fat burning, and how to lose weight. The trouble we fall into when dieting is a lack of education and understanding of why we gain body fat, and what we need to do to burn off body fat.

Instead we jump into a diet because diets are supposed to help us lose weight, instead then considering if we’ll be able to keep the body fat off after the diet is over. So let’s start with a bit of this education, shall we?

Why we gain body fat

Simple, we eat more calories then our body needs and can burn off. For instance, if your body needs 2000 calories a day and you eat 2500, you’re going to slowly but surely gain weight.

In contrast, if you were doing additional physical exercise each day to burn 500 calories you’d still be at the status quo of burning your 2500 calories you ate therefore not having anything left over. Make sense?

This is a straightforward explanation, but it is at the root of body fat gain and loss. To burn body fat, we need to concentrate on what and how much we’re eating.

An excellent resource to jump-start your learning is the ebook The Truth about Abs.

Best Way to burn body fat

So with a simple understanding of how calories and foods allow us to gain body fat we can begin to understand how to burn body fat. There are two areas you need to focus on:

  • Diet changes with moderation and planning
  • Exercise with consistent routines

When I say diet, I don’t want you to think green tea and veggies every day. No one can keep that up forever. Instead I want you to think about cutting out bad foods (i.e., Chips, crackers, soda) and replacing them with healthier options such as fruits and veggies.

I want you to think regarding portion sizes rather than eating until we’re full. Just this simple change can do wonders to burn body fat. By eating a suggested portion size for a meal, you will cut your calorie intake quite drastically.

Lastly, focus on exercise. If you want to burn body fat fast, then exercise has to be part of your routine. Whether it’s a daily brisk walk, getting out for a jog or a yoga class three times a week. Just do it as Nike says.

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