7 Foods Which Will Reduce Your Belly Fat Quickly

7 Foods Which Will Reduce Your Belly Fat Quickly

We all have to eat, but when we’re on a diet or trying to lose weight, we have to be especially careful about what’s consumed.

On the upside, you’ll be happy to learn that there are delicious foods  that will actually help you fight fat and lose weight!

Here they are:

♥    Eggs 

  • An extra large egg has only 78 calories.
  • And it’s packed with protein and nutrients.
  • They’re very filling and will keep your blood sugar even and your hunger at bay for hours.
  • And an egg has extra lean protein that fills you up and keeps you satisfied for hours.

Combine it with a piece of whole grain toast and you have a very satisfying, fat fighting breakfast. And don’t think eggs are only for breakfast. They make a great snack or mid-day meal too. Keep some boiled eggs in the fridge ready for your next snack.Eggs are excellent sources of protein, and when you mix eggs with a little fruit, a lot of greens, some beans and a little avocado, you are getting a lot of hunger fighting nutrients.

♥    Dark chocolate

  • According to a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen, dark chocolate suppresses appetite.
  • Scientists found that compounds in dark chocolate slows digestion. This means you feel full much longer.
  • It also curbs cravings for other not-so-healthy sweets.
  • An ounce of dark chocolate has about 130 calories and is very high in flavonoids, the substances that are shown to improve blood flow, suppress coughs, improve memory, and give you hydrated, smooth skin.
  • A 1 oz. piece of chocolate per day is now recommended for good health.

Just make sure it is at least 70% cacao, but some are recommending 87% cacao. You may find it dry and bitter, but even chocolate shavings in a coffee can curb cravings.

♥    Whole grains

  • Fiber is an essential part of any diet, but especially a fat burning diet and lifestyle.
  • They fill you up.
  • It burns slowly and provides you with an evenly distributed energy throughout the day.

Opt for whole grain or rye bread and try whole grain pretzels, crackers and cereals too.

♥  Bananas are a super food.

  • They’re packed with nutrients and fiber.
  • One banana for a snack can help tide you over until your next meal.

Add a little natural peanut butter to the banana and you’ll be satisfied for hours.

♥    Nuts are a perfect snack.

  • They’re full of heart healthy fatty acids and they help you feel full.
  • They’re also packed with protein and fiber.
  • Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios are all fabulous for weight loss because they are so filling.

About 12 nuts a couple times a day is all you need to get nourishment and fat burning.

♥    Oranges

  • Interestingly the scent of citrus is an appetite suppressant
  • but this amazing fruit is also at the top of the list of the most filling foods.
  • An orange is high in fiber and has zero fats.

♥    Sweet potatoes

  • They’re packed with more nutrients than most vegetables
  • They have amazing amounts of fiber.
  • They’ll keep you full and satisfied for hours.
  • Sweet potatoes should replace the standard potato.

There are so many really nutritious and delicious foods that will help you lose weight and burn fat. Be experimental. Try adding a new fruit or vegetable to your diet every week and definitely add these fat fighting foods to your grocery list.

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