13 Amazing Secrets Of Flat Belly

Have you done a thorough abs exercises and sit-ups to get a flat belly without significant result? Then maybe you need to change the way you’re thinking. Shaping a flat belly is not only about sit-ups, but there are also several other elements that you should know. These are thirteen important secrets for a flat belly….

#1- The most important element in having a flat belly is to manage your eating habit. Sit up does help in to tone your abs muscles, however to get rid of the fat, you need to pay attention to what comes into your body.

#2- Plan your exercise – Decide which exercises you will take, is it going to be daily or how many times a week, etc. Proper and good planning will help you to optimize your exercise.

#3- Morning exercise – Having a morning exercise before breakfast will enhance the fat burning, as you will burn what you eat the night before.

#4- Do it every day – Building a flat belly is a continuous process. Support your exercise by always setting yourself in the right sitting and standing position. Often contracting your abs, even when you are working, will also help you to flatten your belly.

#5- 10.000 steps a day – To enhance calories and fat burning, be active! Take at least 10.000 steps every day.

#6- Change the exercise – The idea is to change your exercise every 6 weeks, because more than that your muscles cannot grow anymore. During this period you will lose your motivation and that makes your exercise become useless.

#7- One-hour jogging – Walking around your neighborhood for one hour will help you to burn calories.

#8- Heavy repetition – To tone your abs muscles, do abs exercises with heavy repetition (20-100 repetition).

#9– Don’t forget your back! – Although you are targeting your abs muscles, don’t forget to strengthen also your back muscles with back exercises. Unbalanced muscles strength will increase the injury risk during exercise.

#10- Cardio exercise – By having cardio exercise, you’ll burn not only fat from your abs muscles, but also all fat from the whole body.

#11- Best intensity – To optimize the fat burning, you need to optimize your fat use for an energy source. The best exercise intensity to do it is below 65% of your maximum heart rate.

#12- Pilates – The focus of Pilates is the core of your body, which includes your abs muscles. The exercise helps you to burn fat around that area. If you want to sculpt your flat belly, do pilates at least once a week.

#13- Balance exercise – Last but not least, do also balance exercise such as gym ball exercise, to help you tone your abs muscles. Rollerblade and biking can be your choice as well.

For you who take exercise as a task, try these fun exercises as an alternative!

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